Game machines manufactured in Krakow. Will they contribute to the Polish e-casino??

Online gaming machines are forbidden in Poland. Everyone interested in online gambling knows it, or at least they should know it. Since the government in Poland introduced anti-gambling law for example, even playing poker with friends is illegal. Online gambling is punishable by both those who engage in gambling entertainment and those who provide it. The goal of the government is to regulate the so-called shadow economy and gain additional funds by taxing gambling. We wrote about the effect of this in another article, to which you can find a link here.

For some time, however, hope has been placed in an e-casino planned by the government. Since August last year, a tender was announced to select a company that would create games for the only legal online casino in Poland. He won the tender in March PlayTech. Until the official results were announced, however, many software vendors believed that the choice would fall on them. As it turns out, Krakow has become very quickly the capital of Polish igaming. Not because there are many land-based casinos in the city, but because many companies producing online gaming machines have their offices in Krakow..

What gaming machines are made in the capital of Małopolska?

Their branches in Krakow include, among others, Yggrasil i NetEnt, industry-leading manufacturers whose gaming machines are known all over the world. Is this a reason to be proud? Taking into account the current situation in Poland, perhaps not. On the other hand, these companies they are constantly hiring web masters and graphic designers. Krakow has become even known for job offers with a similar profile.


These companies employ not only foreigners, but also many Poles with appropriate education and knowledge of English (necessary for editing and creating a website). In total, the igaming companies that produce the game pulp offer approx 1000 jobs. Some of them have applied for a government contract to supply games to a state-run casino. As we know, they lost them to the winner of the tender - PlayTech. Eh, it's a pity ... who of us wouldn't want to play NetEntu games legally? You can also find NetEntu games in MalinaCasino.

The fact that producers of software and gaming machines have their headquarters in Poland, however, opens the door ... Perhaps one day the gaming portfolio of e-casinos will also include gaming machines signed by Netent or Yggdrasil. We do not know what the plans of the Polish government are in this matter. However, it remains for us to hope and be content with PlayTech for the moment. We are all waiting for a situation when it will finally be possible spin spins legally using an online game machine.

Perhaps it would be worth going a step further and creating your own gaming software company? Since Poles already work in such an industry, this means the acquired knowledge and experience that can be used to create your own, Polish machines to game. Who knows, and perhaps in the near future we will be pleased with a Polish software producer whose services will be sold abroad? We have let our imagination run wild, because for now, however, the situation in Poland must stabilize a bit. Hopefully it will change for the better and we will soon enjoy playing online casino legally.