Przelewy24 Casinos

Transfers 24 this payment method, which probably does not need to be introduced to anyone who has made financial transactions on the Internet at least once. Almost every online store offers this option to Poles, and online casinos are trying to let players use this method for good. Find out more what characterizes Przelewy24 casino and how to get the most out of it.

Przelewy 24 - casinos accepting the payment method:

Basic information about the Przelewy24 casino

Undoubtedly, Przelewy24 has revolutionized the remote payments market on the Polish market. This method works as a payment gateway that allows you to save a lot of time and nerves on user registration. This allows you to fund your casino account almost instantly. The main goal of Przelewy24 is the casino simplicity and speed of service.

Przelewy24 was established in 2003 and today is available through the services of over 150 Polish banks. Unfortunately, the Przelewy24 function is only available to Polish users.

Przelewy24 Casinos - What is it about?

Przelewy24 service, which belongs to the Poznań DialCom24 Group, has been offering mobile payment services since 2011. As a result, goods and services purchased online are processed efficiently and easily and now over 50 thousand companies use this website.

Thanks to the Przelewy24 option, we will use the payment options known to us, such as:Przelewy24 casino

  • Visa or Mastercard payments
  • BLIK
  • traditional bank transfers
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay e-payments
  • installment and deferred payments

Przelewy24 casino employs 3 independent parties to the transaction:

  • Transfers 24 - i.e. the entity providing the payment service
  • Recipient - in this case it is online casino
  • Payer - the casino client (player) who leads to the debit of the bank account

Only if you choose the installment payment option, the fourth participant in the transaction comes, i.e. the bank that grants the loan, but we will not meet this situation in the case of real money games in the casino.

Przelewy24 Casinos: How it Works?

In fact, the way the Przelewy24 transaction will run depends on the payment option chosen by the customer. Let's assume that a player of the Przelewy24 casino chooses a bank transfer - after selecting the Przelewy24 option, he will be redirected to the login page in his bank.

Then he must confirm the amount transferred in the same way as if he made a normal payment by bank transfer - usually with an SMS code. The money is immediately withdrawn from the account and sent to the seller's (casino) account within 24 hours. If you choose other payment methods, the transaction looks almost the same.

Remember that Przelewy24 payments are available when you have one the tools you need to use them - e.g. an account in a given bank or a special, dedicated application. For this reason, Przelewy24 has established cooperation with the most popular brokers, including BLIK, credit cards, Paysafecard and other operators.

Przelewy24 casinos: How to make a deposit?

Przelewy24 casinos offer players a trivial way to depositing money on the gambling site. What you gotta do?How to deposit Przelewy24

  • Go to the payments tab in the Przelewy24 casino.
  • Select Przelewy24 from the other available options.
  • Select the appropriate source of financing the transaction - bank transfer, electronic wallet, etc..
  • Transfer the necessary amount to your online account by logging in from the website of the selected payment operator.

Przelewy24 casino allows you to accepting deposits immediately after completing the transaction. You don't have to spend hours or days confirming your deposit as is often the case with other payment options. This is a great advantage for casino players! What like what, but time is money!

Typically, at Przelewy24 online casinos, your deposits will not require any additional fees to be covered. Sometimes you will only be asked to pay for selecting different operators to deposit and withdraw at the casino - however, you will find out about this directly from the casino website.

The payment operator itself Przelewy24 does not specify any minimum or maximum deposit amounts. These are only determined by the specific Przelewy24 casino - this information can be found on the dedicated payment page in the casino of your choice.

Przelewy24 casinos: How to withdraw winnings?

Unfortunately, the casino Przelewy24 does not allow the payment of winnings using this method. This means that you will have to choose a different method to withdraw the money earned at the casino. You will certainly have the chance to choose from a wide range of payment system providers - from e-wallets to payment cards.

Usually, if you have chosen to deposit with Przelewy24 and payout via e-wallet or payment card, your winnings should be delivered to you within 2-5 days..

Przelewy24 casinos: Advantages of the payment method

Although not every casino provides Poles with the Przelewy24 payment option, using it has many advantages and more and more players are learning about it. We believe that along with the gambling market that is more friendly to both casino fans and operators, this option will become more and more common..

Here are the biggest advantages of Przelewy24 casino that you can use yourself.

  • Instant transactions. Money sent via Przelewy24 goes to your casino player accounts right away and you do not have to waste time with senseless waiting for the transaction to be processed.
  • Security. Przelewy24 casino guarantees the security and encryption of transactions made with this option, so that you yourself can enjoy the comfort and relaxed game without worrying about your finances..
  • You only enter your information once. You do not have to rewrite your data forever if you use Przelewy24 again and allow the data to be saved.
  • Anonymity. All payments at Przelewy24 casino are completely anonymous.
  • A great choice payment operators. You can top up your Przelewy24 account with many options - from mobile transfers, through e-wallets, to prepaid cards.
  • There is no need to register any additional accounts using the Przelewy24 option.

Przelewy24 mobile casinos

Mobile casinos they are no longer anything new, but rather a new reality for all gambling fans. We love to play on the go - restrictions on our location cease to exist as long as we have access to the Internet. We are more and more willing to use tablets and smartphones to play in the casino, and payment operators know it very well and constantly catch up with technological innovations, trying to meet the expectations of players.

Back in the day, mobile casinos used to be very stripped down and hardly resembled the standard versions of casinos. Today it is a distant past, because it is qualitative and well-optimized Przelewy24 mobile paymentsMobile casinos offer the same level of entertainment as the desktop and laptop versions. And thus - we can use the same payment methods in the mobile casino.

Przelewy24 Casino allows mobile players to play making a payment to the operator straight from your phone or tablet. The process is exactly the same as for the standard version of online casino payments - you choose the Przelewy24 option, select your preferred payment operator with whom you log in, transfer cash and it's ready. Your player account is funded!

No wonder then that Przelewy24 casino is becoming a more and more sought after gambling variant by Poles. Guarantee of security, speed of transaction processing and reliability, regardless of the selected gaming device, makes Przelewy24 offer such an excellent service as many international payment operators such as PayPal or Skrill. We believe that in the online casino market Przelewy24 will be the norm in terms of payments and any valued operator will be able to make this option available to players.



Is Przelewy24 safe?

Of course, assuming it is properly licensed to offer online gambling. Each valued Przelewy24 casino is certified by an appropriate body, such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the Curacao government, which supervises and regulates the operator's activities.


Is Przelewy24 a free payment method?

When you make payment transactions at Przelewy24 casino, you may have to pay small fees - this will only depend on the selected source of funding for your account. The casino itself will not impose any fees for selecting Przelewy24.


How fast are Przelewy24 transactions processed?

Immediately! As soon as you fund your player account via Przelewy24, your money will immediately appear in your casino account.


Is Przelewy24 casino available on a smartphone?

Yes! The payment operator moves with the times and has made sure that you can make money transactions in the same simple way using your mobile or tablet with internet access.


Does every casino offer Przelewy24 payments?

No, unfortunately no. Due to legal restrictions on the Polish gambling market, Przelewy24 is not always available in online casinos, only selected operators offer this option.


Is there a minimum deposit required for Przelewy24?

No. The minimum amount you will have to deposit when choosing the Przelewy24 method will only depend on the requirements of the casino you choose.